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Teachers, the deadline to submit students for Music in the Mall is November 28th. This year, we are asking that teachers make themselves available for the duration of 2 back to back time slots (one of their own and one of another teacher's) as discussed at our first general meeting. This will allow one teacher to attend to the ORMTA table, while the other can focus on their students.

Music in the Mall is a free publicity opportunity for our Newmarket & Area ORMTA Branch. It allows us to speak with the general public about ORMTA, hand out new teacher directories and answer any questions that some might have.

When choosing your time slot, please use the table below to select a time that is adjacent to an already selected slot. Feel free to coordinate your time slot with another teacher.

Friday Dec. 12
Saturday Dec. 13
Sunday Dec. 14
 4:30 10:30 12:00
 5:00 11:00 12:30
 5:30 11:30 1:00 (Alessandra)
 6:00 12:00 1:30 (Alessandra)
 6:30 12:30 2:00
 7:00 1:00 2:30
 7:30 1:30 3:00
 8:00 2:00 3:30
 8:30 2:30 4:00
  3:00 4:30
  3:30 5:00
  4:00 5:30

Available Time

Unavailable Time

Newmarket & Area Branch Executive

 President  -  Betty Taylor
 Vice President  -  Sheila Vandikas
 Secretary  -  Janis Mitchell
 Treasurer  -  Nancy Hallford
 Workshops  -  Betty Taylor
Website - Alessandra Matthews 

To contact the Newmarket & Area Branch, please email Betty Taylor or call 905-836-4618

Please follow the link below to find a teacher in your area

Find a Music Teacher:

Search our Newmarket music teacher directory to find a qualified music teacher. You can take music lessons in Newmarket in many different instruments. ORMTA’s experienced teachers offer piano lessons in Aurora as well as singing lessons, guitar lessons, violin lessons, theory lessons and more. So whether you’re looking for a Newmarket piano teacher or trying to find music teachers anywhere in Ontario, our music teacher directory is the place to start your search.

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