Affiliate Member

An applicant who:
a) holds a Grade IX certificate or equivalent from an institution referred to in the Act 9 (2) (c) or from a duly constituted successor thereof, OR

b) is a graduate of a Community College, the music courses of which have been certified by the Provincial Council as the equivalent to Grade IX, from an institution referred to in the Act 9 (2) (c) or from a duly constituted successor thereof.

c) is over sixteen years of age

d) is continuing his/her studies in music, either with a music teacher in a recognized music institution/university or by attending a minimum of three pedagogical workshops per year; OR

e) has passed at least one level of pedagogy training as approved by the Board of Examiners.

shall be granted Affiliate membership upon payment of the required registration fee and annual membership fee to the Provincial Treasurer.

An Affiliate Member shall not use the designation ‘Registered Music Teacher’ or ‘R.M.T.’ but is entitled to one vote only at any meeting of the Association.

Affiliate Members are members of the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Association. They receive the Canadian Music Teacher magazine, pay CFMTA dues, and are allowed to vote but not to hold office nationally.

Affiliate Members will be known by:
a) Affiliate Member Level #1: Completed Grade X Conservatory with all theory

b) Affiliate Member Level #2: Completed Grade IX Conservatory with all theory

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