ORMTA 80 Years of Excellence - Membership Drive

To celebrate ORMTA's 80 Years of Excellence - a Membership Drive was created as a series of initiatives that took place place from August, 2015 right up to the Provincial Convention in July, 2016. This campaign, in conjunction with the 80th anniversary celebration of ORMTA's incorporation, aimed to raise ORMTA's total membership.

The spirit of this campaign is to celebrate ORMTA's illustrious past while also reinvigorating it for the future with new and more diverse members.

Branch Memories

Each branch or ORMTA is invited to share stories from the past. This initiative offers all members the opportunity to appreciate history, as told by branch members, while also looking forward to the future.

To share stories, send an email to Membership Initiative Co-Ordinator TBA

Click on the links in the list below to learn more about each branch that has submitted a historical account. 

North York Branch

Kitchener-Waterloo Branch

Hanover-Walkerton Branch

Chatham-Kent Branch

North Bay Branch Memories

Words from the winner of ORMTA's 80th Anniversary Logo Contest, 

Hannah Salamon:

Hannah Salamon, 2015 Logo Contest Winner "I am studying piano at the RCM Grade 10 level and plan to complete an ARCT in piano  performance and an ARCT in piano pedagogy with the goal of pursuing private teaching,  ensemble playing and performance.

 Last July, my family and I attended the 2014 ORMTA OH! CANADA! Convention in Toronto and  greatly benefitted from the workshops and competitions. My youngest sister, Susannah, is an  accomplished young composer who won first place in the 2014 ORMTA Music Writing  Competition.

 Soon, I look forward to becoming an affiliate member of ORMTA as I enthusiastically support  the work that you do as a group for teachers and students. By offering an affiliate  membership, you give students who are in the process of gaining teacher accreditation the  chance to be a part of ORMTA."

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