2013 CFMTA Convention

July 3-6 | Halifax, Nova Scotia

A congregation of Registered Music Teachers from across Canada.  Performances, competitions, presentations and much more!  The ORMTA would like to thank the NSRMTA and Convention chair, Rémi Lefebvre, for organizing such a wonderful National Convention.

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  • Congratulations to Tzeitel Abrego (student of ORMTA Ottawa Region Branch member, Susan Blyth-Schofield) for finishing in 3rd place in the National Vocal Competition.
  • An absolutely amazing concert (check out that lineup!) to kick off the CF Convention in Halifax. Bravo to the organizing committee for putting together such a magical evening of music!!
  • ORMTA London Branch member, Christine Tithecott, presents...The Art of Rearranging Popular Music.
  • ORMTA Ottawa Region Branch member, Kimberley Sundell, presents...Comparing Comprehensive Musicianship Education in Piano Method Books.
  • ORMTA North Bay Branch member and Past Provincial President, Frances Frances Balodis, presents...Music for Special Needs - We All Have Special Needs.
  • Inspiring keynote presentation by noted piano pedagogue, Marvin Blickenstaff
  • Yamaha Canada presents a History of the Piano
  • Convention attendees (left to right) - Karen King (AB), Heather Blakley (SK), Noreen Wensley (SK), Joan Woodrow (NL) and Rhona-Mae Arca (AB).
  • National Piano Competition Winners (left to right, 1st to 3rd): Xiaoyu Liu (Quebec), Maria Fuller (Saskatchewan) and Sooyoun Shin (Nova Scotia).
  • Piano adjudicators, Andre Laplante, Janina Fialkowska and Katherine Chi.
  • During a break in the National Piano Competition Finals, a world premiere performance of a composition for flute and piano by Nova Scotia composer, Peter Allen. Patricia Creighton (flute, right)
  • (left to right) ORMTA Past President and new CFMTA President, Charline Farrell with ORMTA 1st Vice President, Frank Horvat
  • (left to right) ORMTA Honorary member, Susan Wilson with ORMTA Provincial President, Sue Jones
  • ORMTA Kitchener-Waterloo Branch member, Joanne Bender and Joyce Klassen guide teacher volunteers as they sight read a new piece as part of the 'The Joy of Ensemble Playing'.
  • ORMTA Etobicoke-Mississauga Branch members, Sandra Pisani and Jill Kelman enjoying a workshop.
  • ORMTA Kitchener-Waterloo Branch member, Joanne Bender (right), Joyce Klassen and 4 student participants from the Yukon presents...The Joy of Ensemble Playing.
  • ORMTA Central Toronto Branch member, Joseph Ferretti, and Kingston Branch member, Julia Brook presents...I Know I Should Use Them, But I Don't Know Where to Start: Digital Resources for Musicians.
  • ORMTA Windsor-Essex County member, Lynne Stenlund, with her display at the trade show
  • ORMTA Hamilton-Halton Branch member, David Story, presents...Technology in the Studio: Apps and Web Assets for a Successful and Profitable Studio.
  • ORMTA London Branch member, Leslie Linton (standing) along with ORMTA Ottawa Region Branch member, Lois Harper and Pat Frehlich, presents...Symposium on Music and Social Renewal.
  • ORMTA member, Jill Kelman, leads a performance of Anne Southam's "Natural Resources or What to do till the Power Comes On" with ORMTA members David Story and Elizabeth Tithecott.
  • ORMTA London Branch member, Christine Tithecott, along with Asami Hagiwara, Max Tsai and Kylie Crawford, presents...Rediscovering Your Artistry Through Improvisation.
  • ORMTA North Bay Branch member, Frances Mae Balodis, presents...Adults Choose to Enhance Their Lives with Music.
  • ORMTA Etobicoke-Mississauga Branch member, Janet Lopinski, presents...Evaluating Musicianship Skills: From Studio to Exam Room.
  • Norman King and ORMTA Chatham-Kent Branch member, Jane Ripley, presents...Teaching to and from the Inner Voice
  • ORMTA Etobicoke-Mississauga Branch member, Zuzana Ben Lassoued presents...Sounds and Colors
  • Convention Exhibitor Showroom
  • Composer, Christopher Norton, presents...Unlocking Popular Styles
  • ORMTA Ajax-Pickering Branch member, Katharina Normandeau, presents...The Physical Piano and How it Relates to the Studio and Lesson
  • ORMTA Kitchener-Waterloo Branch member, Carol Ditner-Wilson, presents...Video Game Music Inspires.
  • ORMTA Windsor Essex-County Branch member, Dr. Thomas Green, presents...Marmontel and Debussy: The Subtle Imprint of a Master Pedagogue.
  • ORMTA Central Toronto Branch member, Dr. Stephen Satory, presents...Interpreting Chopin: Tempo, Accentuation, Pedalling and Texture.
  • ORMTA Kitchener-Waterloo Branch member, Joanne Bender, presents...Cross-Canada Tour with Red Leaf Pianoworks.
  • ORMTA Kingston Branch member, Martha Hill Duncan, presents...Cross-Canada Tour with Red Leaf Pianoworks.
  • ORMTA Ottawa Region Branch member, Margaret Macpherson, presents...The Middle Years: Rebooting Student Progress and Interest after 2 or 3 Years of Lesson.
  • New CFMTA President, Charline Farrell, accepts the gavel! Congratulations to ORMTA's Past President and Chatham-Kent Branch member in her new role!!
  • Outgoing President, Dr. Lorna Wanzel, provides inspirational departing words
  • (from left to right) ORMTA Ottawa Region Branch member, Jennie Smith, ORMTA Provincial President, Sue Jones, and BCRMTA Past President, Carol Schlosar at the Gala Banquet.
  • Gala Banquet in honour of past CFMTA Presidents, incl. ORMTA Past President, Victoria Warwick (2nd from left). They're joined by new CF President and past ORMTA president, Charline Farrell (far right)
  • ORMTA members enjoying the Gala Banquet.
  • ORMTA members enjoying the Gala Banquet.

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