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**Before beginning the application process, please review the following document for expectations of credentials for specific subjects: Application Requirements.pdf

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Active Membership:

A member who has attained a degree/diploma (Bachelor of Music or Associateship from a Conservatory) in their chosen subject(s) and teaching experience

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Provisional Membership:

A member who has attained a degree/diploma in their chosen subject(s) but is still working towards more teaching experience
(2-year probationary period)

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Affiliate 1 Membership:

A member who has attained their Grade 10 (including pedagogy training) from a recognized Conservatory and continues studies in order to complete their diploma

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 Affiliate 2 Membership:

A member who has attained their Grade 9 from a recognized Conservatory and continues studies in order to complete their diploma

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 Auxiliary Membership:

A member who is not a music teacher but a supporter of music education and ORMTA's mandate

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Frequently Asked Questions:

'I have submitted my application form, fee, and proof of credentials, what's next?'

ORMTA's Provincial Secretary-Registrar processes your application.  If your credentials are pretty well in line with the criteria mapped out above, it will take approximately 2-4 weeks to establish your ORMTA membership.  If the application contains credentials that are unique and beyond the scope of ORMTA's above guidelines, the Secretary-Registrar will then hand off the application to the Board of Examiners - a panel of 3 Active ORMTA members who will provide a recommendation to the Secretary-Registrar and Provincial Council. 

'I have submitted my application, but I need more time to compile my much time do I have?'

You have 6 months from the time you have submitted your application. If the application form, documentation supporting your credentials and fee are not received by then, your application will be deleted from ORMTA's database and no refund of the application fee will be granted.

'I am a music teacher who wishes to become an ORMTA member, but I don't fit within any of these criteria...are there other options?'

Yes, there are 3 alternative ORMTA membership application designations:

1. Distinguished Artist in the Field of Performance: The applicant must, in the opinion of the Board of Examiners, have an established reputation as a concert artist.

2. Distinguished Artist in the Field of Teaching:The applicant must be a University Professor or lecturer or someone with equivalent level of teaching in music.

3. Experienced Teacher:The applicant must meet 2 of the 3 following criteria:

  • Documented successful music teaching experience of at least ten years, which is satisfactory to the Board of Examiners.
  • The support of at least 25 members or 75% of the membership (whichever is lower) of the local Branch to which the applicant would be joining.
  • The successful completion of pedagogy courses that would be equivalent to the Pedagogy Written Examinations for the Associateship of one of the recognized conservatories.

'I am an applicant with a Bachelor of Music Education degree. During my studies, I had the opportunity to takes classes on how to teach a variety of instruments. Can I include all these instruments in my ORMTA application?'

No, members of ORMTA may only register their principal instrument(s) (the instrument on which you received advanced private instruction throughout your degree program). To recognize your ability to teach other instruments in a school setting, please apply under the "School Music" subject.

'How much is ORMTA's annual membership fee?'

Fees will vary depending on your membership level, the number of local branches you are a member of, the amount of your local branch's levy (if applicable), plus optional charges like subscribing to a mailed copy of NOTES Magazine.  In general though, members usually pay approximately $150-$200 per year.

'I attained my educational credentials outside of Canada, will they be accepted?'

Educational credentials obtained outside of Canada must first be assessed by the Comparative Education Service - University of Toronto. You must obtain a customized letter of assessment from the CES giving an accurate comparison of your international educational credential to its Canadian equivalent.  This letter must be included with your supporting documentation.

'What if there's no ORMTA Branch close to where I live and teach?'

Members of ORMTA must belong to a branch. Ask the Provincial Secretary-Registrar for advice if you are unable to make a decision. 

'I was an ORMTA member in the past and would like to re-establish my membership'

Before beginning the regular application process, please contact the Provincial Secretary-Registrar (contact info below).

'I am a RCM Certified Teacher, am I automatically granted Active Membership in ORMTA'

The requirements for ORMTA membership and RCM Certification are not congruent. 

Other questions regarding applying to become an ORMTA Member? 

Contact ORMTA's Provincial Secretary-Registrar:

Ron Spadafore


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