2014 ORMTA Music Writing Competition Results

Congratulations to all students who participated in our 2014 competition and to their teachers, too! The teacher name associated with each student is marked in bold.

The ORMTA would like to thank this year's adjudicator, Debra Wanless.

First place recipients will have part of their score featured in an upcoming issue of Notes Magazine and will represent Ontario in the CFMTA National Student Composer Competition.

Class P1 (8 years and under-instrumental) 

1st        Maya Padlewska         Magic Forest

                        Rosalind Johnson - Toronto

2nd        Aidan Lam                  Soldiers

                        Natalia Ryjanovskaia  -Toronto

3rd        Ethan Sue                    Chasing Bears

                        Marion Miller - London

Class A1 (11 years and under)

1st        Susannah Salamon      A Moment in Time

                        Marion Miller - London

2nd        Storm Lussier              The Snow is Gently Blowing

                        Laura DeVries - Brantford

3rd        Alexander Patry          Jazz Tune

                        Shelagh McKibbon-U’Ren - Brockville


Honourable Mention

Sophia Battel                          The Odyssey

                        Martha Hill-Duncan - Kingston

 Braeden Gallacher                  Inspiration

                        Shelagh McKibbon-U’Ren - Brockville

 Leonid Nediak                         Theme and Variations no. 1

                        John Burge - Kingston                       

 Laura Reynolds                       The Haunted Forest

                        Debbie Talbot - London


Class B1 (15 years and under –instrumental)

1st        Haotian Yu                 Sonata for Piano “Dionysus”

                        Chunson Park - Ottawa

2nd        Eric Sheppard                         Badinage

                        Donald Cook - London

3rd        Itamar Aharony           April’s Noon

                        Paulette Price - Ottawa


Honourable Mention

Itamar Aharony                       Duet for Trumpet and Piano

                        Paulette Price - Ottawa

Phillip Christoffersen              Macabre Prelude in G Minor

                        Liz Craig - Toronto

Joseph K. Naszady                 Brand New Day

                        Peter Hutchison - Brockville


Class B2  (15 years and under – vocal)


1st        Anika -France Forget              Ave Maria

                        Colin Mack - Ottawa

2nd        Zoe McArthur                         Another Dumb Love Song

                        Pat Ross - Belleville


Class C (19 years and under)


1st        Peter Bedford                         Hosanna in the Highest

                        Philip Corke - Burlington

2nd        Nicholas Busch                       Marching Sideways

                        Alde Calongcagong – Windsor

3rd        Eliza Bruce                              Quest

                        Jessica Wadley- North Bay


Honourable Mention

Emmett Glancie                                  The Flood

                        Diana Emery-Burlington

Dante Pettapiece                                 Deconstruction

                        John Burge - Kingston


Class D  (open)

1st        Anthony Vandikas (Eleanor Marzetti Scholarship)    Diffraction-The Delusional Escapist

                        Sheila Vandikas - Newmarket

2nd        Charles Scozzari                      Walking a Fine Line

                        Roland Packer - Hamilton

3rd        Stephanie Orlando                  A Dream Within a Dream

                        Elaine Lau – Toronto


Honourable Mention

Itamar Anthony                                  3 parts orchestral work

                        Paulette Price - Ottawa

Peter Koning                                       Scherzo

                        Philip Corke - Burlington

Donald Russell                                    Theme and Variations for String Quartet

                        Maya Badian - Ottawa

Ontario Winners - CFMTA National Student Composer Competition: 

Category B -
15 years and under, Class 1, composition for solo instrument

1st         Haotian Yu                            Sonata for Piano "Dionysus"

                        Chunson Park - Ottawa

Category B - 15 years and under, Class 2, composition for voice

1st         Anika-France Forget               Ave Maria

                        Colin Mack - Ottawa

Category C - 19 years and under

2nd        Peter Bedford                       Hosana in the Highest

                        Philip Corke - Burlington

Category D - Open

Honorable Mention: Anthony Vandikas    Diffraction - The Illusional Escapist

                        Sheila Vandikas - Newmarket

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