Student Prizes

The Ontario Registered Music Teachers' Association is pleased to offer a number of awards and scholarships to talented music students in a variety of disciplines - from performance, to composition, to pedagogy. But to continue this tradition, we need your help!

You have the option of establishing your own award, or supporting an existing one. By committing to a specific annual amount for a specified number of years, your gift can be directed to your area of interest.

Among our current donors are corporate partners, ORMTA members, and friends and family of ORMTA members and their students. Your contribution to an ORMTA Student Prize will help us achieve our goal of ensuring that all talented music students get rewarded for their hard work and get an opportunity to move ahead with their studies. 

For more information, please contact ORMTA Fundraising Coordinator, Ann Pichette-Fasciano.

ORMTA Young Artist Competition Awards Ceremony:
from left to right - Gertrude Weber (representative of the ORMTA Prov. Council Alumni), Susan Brown (runner-up), 
Lesley Bouza (winner), Jun Fujimoto (Yamaha Music Canada)

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