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  • Sunday, July 24, 2016 5:16 PM
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    What do you think?

    Ontario has the same number of votes at the CFMTA table as every other province.

    Ontario pays CFMTA a fee based on the number of members we have, which amounts to nearly 1/3 of CFMTA’s budget.

    Every time Ontario delegates put forward a resolution, which would lower CFMTA’s expenses, the other provinces vote it down.  For example, a resolution to offer THE CANADIAN MUSIC TEACHER magazine online, a resolution not to hold the meetings and competitions for 2017 in Baltimore, and a resolution that would limit the number of people attending CFMTA’s meetings who are eligible to claim expenses.

    The delegates at CFMTA are not expected to hold a chair for committees. If there is no one willing to take on these tasks, someone is appointed, and this chair can hold the position for 6 years. During these 6 years, CFMTA pays their expenses to attend meetings, which includes transportation, accommodation, and meals. Is it any wonder why the expenses of CFMTA are on the rise?

    CFMTA is now operating in a deficit, but they can fix this just by raising the fees.

    CFMTA has just approved an increase in fees, from $26 per Association member, to $30. Ontario voted against this, but again was voted down.

    Ontario has just passed a resolution to propose a more equal and fair voting system that takes into account the number of members in each Association.  Actually, this was how CFMTA was originally formed, until the voting structure was changed about 8 years ago. Thanks to ORMTA members for approving this resolution!

    Let’s continue this conversation, and be informed about CFMTA.

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