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Celebrating Canadian Music

November 22-28, 2020

Canada Music Week is an annual event where music teachers, students and their families gather together in local communities to celebrate Canadian music. Canada Music Week events are presented in various formats: from recitals, to workshops, to contests - all with the premise of presenting music by Canadians for Canadians.

The aims of Canada Music Week are to bring to the attention of the public, through various means, the importance of Canadian music; to support composers and performers of Canadian music; to introduce contemporary music to young Canadians and stimulate a keener appreciation and understanding of this music; and to encourage music educators to widen their knowledge and experience of Canadian works.

Canada Music Week is dedicated to music in its fullest sense but since 1967 particular focus has been on the Canadian cultural content. Thousands of Canadians experience Canada Music Week festivities each year in their communities. In 1957 Violet Isfeld, who was then president of the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers' Associations, proposed that a National Week for Music be initiated in 1960 to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the founding of the Federation. The response was enthusiastic and the celebration so successful that the next year (1961) it was decided by CFMTA council to make "Canada Music Week" an annual event.

For 2020, CFMTA will be holding a Canada Music Week E-Festival. Students are encouraged to submit their videos by November 19, 2020. Full details can be found at

To get more info on Canada Music Week events in your community, click here to visit the web site of the local ORMTA Branch near you.

Message from the Premier 2020

Message from Minister for Heritage, Sport, Tourism, and Culture Industries 2020

Read past Canada Music Week reports from ORMTA's Branches

For more information, please contact ORMTA Canada Music Week Convener, Jacqueline Huffman-Krisza

Canada Music Week Organizing Kit for Branches

ORMTA Branches, you are encouraged to celebrate Canada Music Week (CMW) by planning an activity and/or event on the 3rd week of November.

Planning a CMW event in your community is a great initiative for your branch to take on. You’ll be presenting a fun event that is centred on engaging, contemporary music while providing a platform to educate your members and their students. If you have an innovative idea for celebrating Canada Music Week, your Branch can apply for the William Andrews Award offered by CFMTA (the deadline is October 15th)

Click here (while logged in) to access some documents to help you get organized. in this folder, you'll find:

  • Ideas of how your branch can celebrate CMW
  • CMW press release template that you can fill in with particulars for your event and send to local media
  • List of the types of local media you may wish to contact in your community
  • Waiver form that you can have parents sign granting your branch permission to take photos and/or videos of students, so they can be published in Notes or posted on

In late November following your event, please provide a report to the ORMTA CMW Convener of how your branch celebrated Canada Music Week. You are also welcome to include photos, videos and newspaper clippings. A report will be prepared outlining how all ORMTA branches celebrated CMW. This report will be included in the spring edition of Notes and on Deadline for submissions of reports is December 1.  

For more information, please contact ORMTA Canada Music Week Convener, Jacqueline Huffman-Krisza